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How To Choose Car Upholstery Cleaner

When it comes to how to choose car upholstery cleaner you
have many have many products to choose from. We are going
to examine a couple of different types of car upholstery
cleaners and provide a few tips in using them.

Foam upholstery cleaner: Foam cleaners are generally a good
choice because it does not over saturate the material when
used properly. When used properly, foam cleaner will deep
penetrate the upholstery fibers and will do a thorough
cleaning job. Simply apply a light spray and allow a few
minutes for it to do its magic. Using a brush to loosen
soil do small areas at a time until cleaned. Using a damp
sponge remove the excess upholstery cleaner then dry with
any clean towel you may have. When done properly you will
have clean interior with a hint of freshness.

Liquid upholstery cleaner: Liquid cleaner is similar to
foam cleaner except because it is a liquid and over
saturation can be a problem. Liquid cleaner is more readily
available and the most popular choice. This is the best
choice for small cleaning jobs or spot jobs. As with the
foam cleaner apply a small amount paying careful attention
not to wet it to much. Allow the cleaner to penetrate, then
clean the soiled area and then dry. Repeat the process for
heavily soiled areas and stains. Always test a small area
for color fastness before using any car upholstery cleaner.

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