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How to clean car upholstery

One question often asked is "How to clean car upholstery"?
After reading this short article you will have a good idea
to correctly cleaning car upholstery. We are now going to
discuss a couple stains that are common automotive stains.

Liquid Stains: Firstly we need to blot the stain and absorb
all excess liquid. After this is done we will need to apply
one of the several upholstery cleaners available from your
local auto parts store. Spray a small amount on your car
upholstery and let it work a couple of minutes. Take an old
tooth brush and scrub the stain a bit. The next thing we
need to do is take clean cloths and dry the soiled area.
Repeat until you no longer see the stain and the cloth you
are using does not show discoloration after the drying
process. Hint: Shaving cream works well for small stains.

Ink Stains: Now, this is a whole different animal. First DO
NOT rub the stain as this can smear the ink and make a
larger stain. First step to clean your car upholstery
correctly of ink is to blot the area to remove any excess
but do not smear the ink. Spray a small amount of hairspray
and and let it sit a few minutes. Take clean dry towels and
clean the area. Repeat as needed but use the minimum amount
of cleaner as needed. Make sure to change your cloths
frequently to prevent soiling the material from cross

Hint: Rubbing alcohol can also be used to clean ink on car

By keeping your car upholstery clean not only will it look
better it will also last longer. Of course if your
upholstery is beyond help replacement seat covers are
available for most cars and trucks. By following this short
outline your vehicles upholstery will last much longer and
will look much better.

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